“The japanese word ‘SANYO’ means three oceans – specifically, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans”

Like the three oceans spanning the width of the globe, SANYO symbolises the company`s perspective for a truly global enterprise.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of multimedia component products such as batteries, semiconductors, capacitors and optical pickups, SANYO combines such products to create innovative multimedia solutions for the present and the future.

In accordance with the global strategies, SANYO Components Europe GmbH works to ensure that SANYO`s exciting and innovative products and services create a more comfortable and environmentally safe lifestyle for our valued customers in Europe.

SANYO Component Europe GmbH

President:Yuji Fujiwara
Head office:Munich, Germany
Stockholder:SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (100%)
Locations:division & sales offices: Germany
further sales offices: UK, France, Denmark
production sites: Hungary, Czech Republic