A commitment to the environment

In keeping with SANYO’s pledge to protect the environment, we engage in a wide range of ecological initiatives. These initiatives go beyond the technical processes involved in production to focus, above all, on recycling – a highly sensitive issue, particularly with batteries – and encompass a comprehensive take-back program, efficient recovery of materials, and environment-friendly disposal of used products.

Pursuing this commitment at the European level, SCEMC Europe plays an active role in the International Portable Rechargeable Battery Association (Recharge) representing the European portable rechargeable battery industry, based in Brussels. Here, together with other major battery and equipment manufacturers, SCEMC Europe seeks to bring a strong influence to bear on European legislation so as to promote high take-back quotas and ensure the safe recycling of returned batteries.

These activities are not just limited to the European Union, but extend to the whole of Europe, especially Eastern European countries, where we are driving forward efforts to attain levels of environmental protection comparable with those in the EU, in part through the formation of associations of battery producers.

Thanks to our committed environmental efforts, we successfully completed an audit in 1997 to attain ISO 14001 certification.